Traveling to SQL Bits

I’m heading to SQL Bits this weekend, and will be in London most of next week for the conference. I’m excited. SQL Bits is my favorite conference, as I’ve noted before. I’ve missed the event too often, usually because of schedule conflicts, and I’m thrilled to be heading back to both London and the event.

I’ll be delivering a pre-con on Wednesday, with Grant and Kathi, and have a couple sessions. Thursday. The schedule is packed with some amazing speakers. Some will be virtual, but lots of us will be live, in-person.

If you are near London, and feel safe, consider registering and coming out. Lots of precautions are in place, and I think they have done a good job of preparing for a large conference.

With the pandemic, travel has been restricted and plenty of people have been cautious. Across two years, I’ve felt a range of emotions, but I feel confident in my safety, and that of others, at this time.

This should be a fantastic time, and I look forward to seeing friends and meeting new people next week.

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