Was the Tesla Model Y a Good Decision

This is part of a series that covers my experience with a Tesla Model Y.

As I write this, I’ve owned a Model Y for six months. I’ll do a review of the car ownership across six months, but first, do I think it was a good purchase?

tl;dr yes.

I think the Model Y is a fantastic car and fun to drive. It’s fun, works well in my life, and I still enjoy driving it. In fact, I sometimes make an extra errand trip because I enjoy it.

Comparison with the BMW

Cheap gas is nearly US$4/gal, which is pricey. Filling up the BMW would be US$80 to go a bit over 400 miles. I can’t go 400 miles in the Tesla, but here’s the comparison of 200 miles:

  • BMW: 21mpg, $4.32/gal – $41.14
  • Tesla Model Y, $0.13/kW, 300Wh/mi – $7.80

I used 200 miles as that’s not a bad trip. I can easily do that without charging or without worry. However, given current prices, and what the mileage in a similarly sized car, the Tesla is way cheaper to operate. Plus, for now, my cost is fixed.

Note: I have regularly driven 250 miles in a day without charging.

A few people sometimes point out that I own an X5, whereas I had to buy a Tesla. I’m ignoring the purchase price because I was going to buy a car anyway.

Other EVs

When we first discussed Tesla, I was enamored with the X. I looked at used Xs and priced those against Ys. I decided the Y was a better choice for us, partially because of the newer tech that gets incorporated in them. After reading this article, I think I made a good choice.

The first week I had the Y, I saw a Mach-E at the gym. At first I thought someone had put Mustang badging on a Model Y, but when I walked around it, I realized there are a few differences. There’s a review that I’d urge you to watch if you are comparing them, but based on the review, I think the Model Y is better.

The charging network thing is a big deal to me. In reading and watching others talk, and my own experience in Greeley, I think charging on the road has a ways to go outside of Tesla.

I also think the weirdness of doors, less space, the lack or dual wireless charging, and the infotainment being less tech-y make the Model Y better than the others.

As for the smaller, shorter range cars, I wasn’t really interested.

An Older Sports Car

This whole new car journey started with my wife watching my browse sports car sale listings for weeks. I was thinking to do what my friend Brent did and get an older 944 (or 968).

While I like the idea of one of those cars, I don’t know it would be as fun as this car, certainly wouldn’t be drivable in the snow, and I’d be thinking of the gas cost every time I drove it right now. I’d also potentially have some maintenance things to worry about, and while I could afford them, they seem to occur at bad times for us, financially. And they annoy my wife.

I’m torn on this, though I do think I’ve gotten more enjoyment from nailing the accelerator in the Model Y than I’d get in a sports car. Maybe another 914 that let me whip around turns would be more fun, but not with anyone in the car.

Reviewing the Decision

It was a good decision. As I’ve thought about this, I’m not sure I could have made a better one. The Model S is attractive, but out of my price range, and this car is already fast enough.

I’m still thrilled with my decision.

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