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I have been working for Redgate Software for 15 years (14 as an FTE). I think this is the best job I’ve ever had, and I hope this is the last FTE job that I ever have (fingers crossed).

Plenty of people have found new jobs during the pandemic, which surprised me. I thought many people would be careful and cautious, but the pandemic opened up remote work, new possibilities, and opportunities that didn’t exist in the past. Both employers and organizations took advantage of the changes to better their situations. I know quite a few friends who found new positions, with better compensation, during the last two years.

I think that trend continues as technology is an area that is adapts well to remote, hybrid, or in-person work. If you’re looking for a job, or you need to hire some candidates, Brent Ozar put out a post that lets either side post a comment and let people know there are jobs and talented people available. I posted a note about Redgate in there, as we are looking for software developers in the UK.

There are plenty of other positions. In Denver, I had lunch with a friend working at a new company, Sierra Space. They are growing and hiring quite a few people and they use SQL Server. My son works at ULA, and he said they need people as well. While some businesses struggled the last two years, it seems that many technology companies thrived and there are lots of opportunities out there.

I am a big proponent of actively managing your career. I give talks on professional development and building your brand. My view is that you should work to improve your skills, showcase them, build a network of colleagues, and then find the dream job that fits you. That’s different for all of us, but a little work and effort can help you find something you love.

I’m approaching retirement in my 50s, and I love my job. Many of you are much younger and still building careers, learning what you like and don’t like (which is more important). You’re deciding what type of job you want and what interests you. Study, learn, come to SQL Saturdays (or ask your local group to run one), and pick the opportunity that works for you.

Drive your career forward and I know you’ll be as happy to go to work each day as I am.

Steve Jones

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