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I fly regularly. While I only had one trip during 2020 in the most dangerous time of the COVID pandemic, I flew a record number of miles in 2019 and had 10 trips in 2021. As 2022 progresses, I find myself back in the air and on the road, visiting new and familiar places for work and pleasure. I both enjoy the familiarity of known adventures and the excitement of new places. Already this year I have trips in place to three new places I’ve never visited and I’m hoping to plan more.

I usually fly to LAX a couple of times a year. I visit Redgate employees in the area or travel to some event. Occasionally it’s a waypoint on a journey to some other city. As a result, I’ve gotten to know the scenery on the way, and the view is one I never get tired of.

The mountains of Colorado, with snow or without. I like seeing the forests, the peaks, the ski resorts, and even trying to catch a glimpse of the condo I own in Keystone. I usually can pick out Dillon Lake, Keystone mountain, and the structures I often visit if I get a window on the right side of the plane. If not, I enjoy the view of the Fairplay valley and wide-open spaces.

The deserts of Utah and Nevada, broken up with a few communities and the winding Colorado river as it makes its way towards California. The mountains coming and going, and the massive solar project that has always intrigued me.

Coming over the mountains into LA, which is so massive. It feels like we fly over the city for an hour as we leave the sparsely populated East side of California and move into the dense LA residential and industrial areas. I wouldn’t want to live there, but it’s an amazing view that I enjoy watching go by.

As we get close to SoFi Stadium, I know the journey is almost over. This is a project I’ve watched grow from a few dirt spaces to a completed structure surrounded by a beautiful park, I keep reminding myself to take a trip and see a game there someday. I’ve seen it on TV and from the air many times and hope to get there in person one day.

I love when we take off or land at LAX from the ocean side, though the latter seems to be a rarity for me. Either way, it’s an experience I enjoy.

I often sit in aisle seats and work on many journeys. I’ve gone to London dozens of times, but it’s rare to have much to see, so I rarely even try to look. However, the journey to LA is one where I keep the window shade up and enjoy the view regularly.

Travel is tedious, with moments of excitement and pleasure. I am learning to be better about looking for and appreciating the experiences, good or bad, as I move through life.

I added a few pictures to my blog for you to enjoy.

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