VS Live Slides and Code

Thanks to everyone that came to my talk at VS Live today.

I’ve uploaded the slides to the blog. Here are the two decks:

Code for the CI Talk is on my Github. You can git clone from here: https://github.com/way0utwest/usingcitopreventdbproblems.git

The code is structured as:

  • 0 files are setup, numbered 04, 06, 08, and 10. These create objects, add the tsqlt framework and load some data.
  • 20_Standards.sql – Standards based tests
  • 30_logicerrors.sql – The logical CASE statement test
  • 40_tsqlt_sqlinjection – Catching SQL Injection issues with EXEC()
  • 50_preent_alter – I didn’t demo, but how to look for code you don’t want developers to run.
  • 61, 62 63 – Older separation of concerns testing for procs/functions. I haven’t tested this lately, but it should work.

If you have questions, let me know.

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