A Big Year on the Road

Someone asked me recently about my travels this year, and I listed out the trips I’ve taken. So far, I’ve been to these airports on trips away from home:

  • LHR
  • SYR
  • LAS
  • ORD
  • RNO
  • LAX
  • JAX
  • LHR
  • BRU
  • AMS
  • AUS
  • AUS (2nd trip)

Today I’m in Austin for for the second week in a row, this time visiting the Redgate office space.

Still to come this year, that I know of, are these:

  • EWR
  • SEA
  • LAX
  • HNL
  • LHR
  • SYR
  • YYC
  • MCO
  • MCI
  • SEA

There are a couple other possibilities,. including 1 or 2 more LHR trips. I’ll also likely get another LAX and AUS trip in somewhere to visit Redgate offices.

I don’t know if this will be the biggest year of travel for me. In 2019, I flew 144k miles in the air. My current total from this query of data I keep:

SELECT top 10
  YEAR(u.Transaction_Date) AS FlightYear
  , SUM(u.PQM)
  , SUM(u.miles)
  FROM dbo.United AS u
  WHERE u.Activity_Type = 'Airline'
  GROUP BY YEAR (u.Transaction_Date)

is 118k, but this is with a lot of bonus miles. I’ll need to parse out some of the bonus stuff to figure out how much I fly, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up with around 100k miles this year.

Unfortunately, the downloads from the airlines don’t separate out bonus miles, so I think I need a little data modeling adjustment to figure out my trips.

With things reopening, this feels like a big year, and I am looking forward to all of these trips.

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