Charge Costs at Tesla Superchargers

This is part of a series that covers my experience with a Tesla Model Y.

I finally had a charge for a Tesla Supercharger. These re the public, high speed chargers that Tesla has put all over the world, which can add 200-500miles of range per hour to your car.

I mostly charge at home, as you can see from my log:

2022-07-21 10_08_58-Charges - Grafana — Mozilla Firefox

However, last weekend my wife and I were in Keystone, CO and driving over to the Winter Park Jazz Festival each day. The drive takes about 20% charge each way through the mountains, so we charged each time we were in Silverthorne on the way to/from Keystone.

I got 1000 free miles of Supercharging when I bought the car with a referral code from Glenn Berry. While I haven’t charged away from home much, we have a few times. This time we got part of one session for free, and then charges started. I don’t know why my logger doesn’t have the charges, but I see them in my Tesla Account.

2022-07-21 10_12_39-Payment History _ Tesla

US $0.43/kW, with my car having 75kW of capacity. The 50kW charge was from around 15%-80% ish. We plugged in the car and walked over to have dinner nearby. This was close to a fill up for just over $20. Not cheap, but not bad.

The prices for “fuel” here seem to vary around the country, and possibly by time. I’ve seen reports in CA of lower and higher values ($0.29 – $0.58). I was expecting something more like $0.28-$0.30, but in the mountains, early evening, things were different. The average reported here is higher, so I can’t complain.

I definitely plan on charging mostly at home, and using the public chargers when I don’t have a choice. I haven’t successfully charged at a non-Tesla charger yet (tried twice, once failed/broken, one too slow), but I’m sure I will one of these days.

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3 Responses to Charge Costs at Tesla Superchargers

  1. Glenn Berry says:

    Being an early adopter, my old 2018 Model 3 Performance gets free Supercharging for life. That is a nice perk that I very rarely use, since I charge from home 99% of the time.

    You and I both have residential solar PV systems, which further lowers our charging costs.


    • way0utwest says:

      Solar certainly makes a difference. Our electric bill + solar is about the same as last year, but we added the Tesla, and solar will be fixed cost over time, while power will rise.

      I used to wish I had free Supercharging but since last September, we’ve plugged in 7 times to a SuperCharger. Even at $20 for most of a “fill up”, it’s way more palatable then $75 or more into a petrol car.


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