Register at a Stem Cell Donor to Help the #sqlfamily

A friend and member of the #sqlfamily is battling cancer, specifically acute myeloid leukemia. Hugo Kornelius is someone I’ve enjoyed learning from and sharing meals with all over the world. I’m saddened that I won’t see him in the immediate future, but I am hopeful we will get together in 2023. He wrote about his story on his blog, but there is something tanglible that you can do.

Register as a stem cell blood donor.

I registered in the US and a kit is on the way. I hate donating blood, but if I can help Hugo or someone else, I’m willing.

This is a small way of helping others, and it’s a good thing to do for the world. When medical issues strike, it is often beyond our control. These can be difficult, and very scary times. I had a friend that had a AML diagnosis as well, though his was in his late 20s. A tough him for him, but he went through treatment and into remission.

Someone might have saved his life with their donation, My, or your, donation might do the same for someone else.

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