Data Points From Life

I spent a week in Hawaii with my wife, which was wonderful. Relaxing, recharging, and a vacation with almost no plans. We did things somewhat day by day, which we often do, but many days had no plans at all. Sitting on the beach reading, or floating in the ocean were a good way to relax.

At one point my wife wanted to know about some data in her life. She asked about how many trips we’d taken together this year (8 as of then). She also noted that with this visit to Hawaii, she’s now visited 49 states. That’s more than me.

It got me thinking about some data in my life. I track a few things, but I decided to run a few queries and note some lifetime things:

States Visited:46 (though 3 more I haven’t spent a night in the state)

Countries Visited: 23

Cars owned: 31

Blogs posted professionally: 3,524

Editorials Written: 2,440

Years running SSC: 21

Years speaking: 19

Talks given (since 2008): 404

Miles flown on United: 830k

Longest running streak: 1564

Probably a lot more to track and more I can log. I’m slowly assembling data about my life into a database, mostly for fun. Hopefully I’ll get more organized and use it in a few presentations.

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