Create a Community Event at the Summit

There are a few community events at the Summit this year, but fewer than in the past. I know we’re all rebooting our conference experiences, and that can make motivation difficult.

However, many of you go there to see friends, make new friends, and have fun. Lots of you have interests. I’d love to see a few of you put together something simple for a group. It is fairly easy to set up an Eventbrite event for free and use tickets to just limit the registration. If you want to have fun with 5, 10, or 20 people, think about organizing a small event.

A few thoughts:

A Photowalk

This has been a traditional event, so maybe a photographer could to pick a time during the week to spend an hour walking around and taking pictures. Set up an event and get a few people to join you, get creative, and maybe inspire you with new ways to look at the city.

Game Night

I wrote about this last week.

Prayer / Faith times

I’m fairly secular, but I know there have traditionally been prayer breakfasts or afternoon meetings. If you want to worship with others, set something you. You don’t have to pay, heck, you could even just commandeer a few tables in the convention center during meals. Or have everyone cover their own costs.


Another group that often enjoys comradery. Pick a time to meet, and invite others. You could even invite people to meet in the lobby and then break into groups to go get a meal.


There have been various SQL Runs over the years. Hopefully someone sets up one or two during the week of the Summit. I don’t run anymore, but I might join a group of walkers. Hey, anyone want to set up a #sqlwalk?

Anything Else

Whatever your interests are, there are likely others who share the interest and might not want to go to a party or have other plans. Consider inviting a small group of strangers to join you at something. Gameworks, shopping, hitting a museum, going to explore the Fish Market. There are a lot of things in Seattle, and I bet there are a few people that would like to join you in an activity.

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