Thursday is #sqlkilt Day

At the PASS Data Community Summit, Thursday is the day when the Women in Technology (WIT) luncheon takes place. This is an event I’ve come to enjoy as I do feel it is harder for women to deal not only with all the things I do inside of a company, but they also have the sexual overtones. Often it’s not harassment, but in the US, too many men view women very differently, allowing their hormones to affect their judgment.

It’s also #sqlkilt day. This was something started for men to show their support for women at the event. I’ve worn a kilt numerous times, including the first year when only 4 of us were in kilts.

2022-10-25 12_37_19-Pass 2009 _ Flickr

I’m looking forward to the 2022 WIT panel, which has some friends on it, where they’ll talk about many of the same challenge that all of us face, but with their own perspectives. I’m double committed that day (or maybe triple), but I’m going to swing by and listen as much as I can.

Hope to see you there, and in a kilt (if you’re a man).

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  1. Time for some pushback.

    Yes some men don’t act professionally but there is also the very real fact that when women entered the work force we, men, were expected to change our behavior to satisfy the women. No one expected/required women to change their behavior when they entered a previously male only environment. Men were the ones expected to be accommodating.

    Women can equally be as in a appropriate. I worked in a Lane Bryant store for a short time after graduating highschool and was hit on by more than one female staffer. Women also sometimes read into things that aren’t there. I was once accused of inappropriate behavior because I was effectively being too nice to a female co-worker who at the time was unaware that I had a fiancée and thus had no interest in her or any other women at the work place. Problems with women in the workplace have only worsened in recent years with many men now afraid to be alone with a female co-worker for fear of being falsely accused. Some women dress inappropriately for a work environment. If a man came to work with a shirt half buttoned up (so his chest is showing) he would be quickly reminded of how that is not workplace appropriate. A woman however can get away with far more revealing clothing not o mention makeup. When you study human biology you learn a lot about human behaviors that you previously knew nothing about like the role of make-up. Lipstick for example is designed to make the lips appear the way they do during sexual arousal. Whether a woman wears lipstick for that purpose or not it doensl;t change teh fact how it impacts others at a biological level.

    With the exactions (as there are always exceptions in everything) women do not have it worse in the workplace as both businesses and men go out of their way, something we don’t do for male co-workers, to try and accommodate them.


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