Goal Progress for Nov 2022

I set goals at the beginning of the year, and I’m tracking my progress in these updates during 2022.

Another month of busy stuff. A long trip for the Data Community Summit and then gone the last few days of the month. Gone from home for 12 days, so more than Oct.

The conference was stressful and busy. It ate up a lot of time, with a lot of home time consumed with prep and stress. I have to get things scheduled and ready when I travel, so 10 days in the Pacific NW mean I need 12 days of stuff ready. Same for my Dec trip. I’m in the EU for 2 weeks, so a lot of prep.

However, I made some progress in a few areas. I read a bit more, getting through some books. I also finished my coaching certification and spent a bunch of time on my Power BI Reports.

I’m going to abandon the Habitat goal for this year. My health hasn’t been outstanding, and while I can try to fit one in, I’m unlikely to do well since I have been struggling a bit with my ankle. I’ll aim for 2023.

Grade: B

Here are the goals:



I managed to get my Power BI report hooked to Google Sheets. I also copied it over for 2023.

  • Link Google Sheets to Power BI – 100%
    – figured it out

  • Create Report – 90%  – I have a report working for all my metrics.
    A few tweaks needed

  • Create Dashboard – 90%  – Needs tweaking, but it’s there.
  • Get people using it – 10% – Got one asst coach looking at it.
  • Coaching certification – 100% – some downtime this month helped


  • Support the Colorado groups by speaking twice and helping get one event set up
    – 66%
    • CO Springs event set up and executed
    • Denver SQL Server SQL Saturday executed
  • Speak at 3 other community events (was user groups) outside of Colorado – 100%
    • DBA Fundamentals group
    • Toronto SSUG
    • SQL Saturdays in Jacksonville, New Jersey, LA, Denver, Boston, Toronto,  Oregon
  • Support SQL Saturdays – Help get 10 events run in 2022
    • We have had 15 run this year and 3 more scheduled
  • Volunteer 4 days with Habitat – 0 days
    • Not happy about this still. I had hoped to go Sept 15, but they cancelled the build that day. Need to find another day, but it’s hard. They aren’t doing every Wed/Thur/fri, and travel is getting in the way.

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