Goal Progress for Dec 2022

I set goals at the beginning of the year, and I’m tracking my progress in these updates during 2022.

December is usually quiet, though this year I spent the first 12 days of the month out of town. That meant that I wasn’t getting much done, either at work, in my life, or on my goals. I did a little reading, but mostly it was work and holiday.

I’m going to do the grade for the month and then look at how I feel about the year.


  • December – B+
  • 2022 overall –  B

I made some good progress in December and managed to get a bunch done on my report, finished a book, and started on my demos again. Not amazing, but really good.

For the year, I think I’ll give myself a B as I managed to read all the books, do some demo work, and get my Power BI skills growing. I also did a bunch of community stuff, though not quite as I saw it happening at the beginning of the year. Still, a good year overall.

Here are the goals and updates for the month.


Mostly reading this month, as I was traveling. I did reset my environment for a DevOps demo and got projects set up for SQL Server and PostgreSQL in the same repo.


Sent my dashboard to a few others to use. Not the entire team, but I got 4/10 using it to see what they think, which is a good start. With my assistant, we’re at 50%

  • Link Google Sheets to Power BI – 100%
  • Create Report – 75%
  • Create Dashboard – 60% – Added a main page
  • Get people using it – 50%
  • Coaching Certification – 100%


  • Support the Colorado groups by speaking twice and helping getting two events set up
    – 66%
    • CO Springs event set up and executed
    • Denver SQL Server SQL Saturday executed
  • Speak at 3 other community events (was user groups) outside of Colorado – 100%
    • Spoke at DBA Fundamentals group
    • Spoke at Toronto SSUG
    • Spoke at SQL Saturdays in Jacksonville, New Jersey, LA, Denver
      • Boston, Toronto in Oct
  • Support SQL Saturdays – Help get 10 events run in 2022 – 100%
    • We have had 15 run this year and 3 more scheduled
    • In Nov, we had 5 events complete – Sao Paulo, Oregon, Bangladesh
    • Seven events scheduled for 2023
  • Volunteer 4 days with Habitat – 0 days
    • Not happy about this still. I had hoped to go Sept 15, but they cancelled the build that day. Need to find another day, but it’s hard. They aren’t doing every Wed/Thur/fri, and travel is getting in the way.

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