Goal Progress for Feb 2023

The grade for February is also D. Details below, but just not making a lot of progress in these areas. So far I have:

  • Jan – D
  • Feb – D

I set goals at the beginning of the year, and I’m tracking my progress in these updates during 2022.

Reviewing Goals

The various sections are listed below, and I’m giving a SMART grade based on what I listed. Have I gotten much done. January wasn’t too busy for me at work, but a little busy outside of work with coaching ramping up and my wife being down from work for a few weeks.

I got a bit done, but not a lot.


Two books on the list: marketing and coaching. I haven’t picked a marketing book, but I picked Wolfpack for coaching. With one started and one not, this is an F.



My goals:

  • Set up a tracking system based on the book for my efforts with customers
  • Track and calculate my scores to help me better approach how I work with customers.
  • Review this with my boss and with someone in sales

Rating: B, I rated myself on a couple more calls and got feedback on a call from another person in the company. Not a ton of activity here, but I did make progress.


  • 2 speaking engagements for community (RMOUG Training Days complete. SQL Bits on my schedule)
  • Reach out to 10 SQL Sat groups that did not run an event in 2022 and motivate them for 2023. This should be at least 2 emails to each person/group.
  • Reach out to all 2022 organizers and ask about plans for 2023
  • Start coding a tool for converting schedules to HTML.
  • Hold office hours once in Q1
  • Send 3 monthly SQL Saturday updates to the community

One speaking engagement complete, one more on the schedule. So far doing well here. A few submissions in for later in the year.

I have been reaching out to other groups with limited success. I have emails out to 10 groups with limited success. It does look like there will be at least 3 events in 2022 from places that didn’t run one in 2022. A B here.

I have reached out to 2022 organizers, most seem ready to do a 2023 event if they can find space.


My goals:

  • Use my Power BI report for stats
  • Update the Power BI report based on feedback from athletes
  • Build 6 wooden coasters – I haven’t made enough time for my hobby here, so I’m going to start small. We need more coasters (as noticed over the holidays), so I want to build 6. Same style, different.

Same rating of a C here, as I’ve updated the report a little, I continue to use it though I need to fix a few calculations. No woodwork done with a busy life and mostly continued cold temps.

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