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The Problems with Gods

When I was learning how to work with computers early in life, I ran across various documentation and writings that would liken the root account to being a god on the system. Over the years, I’ve seen other articles that … Continue reading

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The Future of Auditing

This editorial was originally published on Dec 5, 2013. Is it being re-run as Steve is on holiday. I was reading Captain’s Share the other day and enjoying a quiet afternoon at home. It’s a science fiction book about one man’s … Continue reading

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Who’s Touching My Database

Abstract: As databases become more critical to the operation of our organizations, we are being asked to audit and report on access to both data and the configuration of our systems. SQL Server has a number of features that can … Continue reading

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Finding out Who’s Touching Your Database at DevConnections

I’ve got a session this fall at the IT/DevConnections conference (Oct 10-13, 2016) called “Who’s Touching My Database?” This is something I’ve worked on for a few years, but never really gotten it to the point where I was ready … Continue reading

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