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Big Data Downsides

Companies often want more data to help them make decisions on how they run their business. There has been this quest to gather and analyze as much data as possible to increase the efficiency of their operations to help reduce … Continue reading

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The Danger of Sharing Data

In the past, many businesses hired employees whose role was deciding which prices to charge for their goods or services. At one point, organizations largely set prices based on their costs, though over time they tend to look at their … Continue reading

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Do You Have Big Data?

Data sizes are always growing. Stats on world data are astounding, as are the stats many of us experience in our lives. Plenty of us have moved from MB management to GBs, and I see plenty of people dealing with … Continue reading

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What Happened to Hadoop?

Six or Seven years back, Hadoop was the big thing. It was going to solve our big data analytic needs, it would provide cheap storage and query power with commodity servers. More and more companies were going to be using … Continue reading

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