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The API Battle

I think Oracle is a fine database platform, maybe too expensive, but it works. However, I’m not a fan of the company, and I find myself less enamored with them when I read about this case. This the Oracle v … Continue reading

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Sharing Code

This editorial was originally published on Jan 25, 2011. It is being re-run as Steve is on vacation. It seems that almost every week I encounter some form of plagiarism it the SQL Server community. Whether its from SQLServerCentral or … Continue reading

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Software Patents

I highly dislike the current patent system in the US. I think awarding patents for an idea like “1-click purchasing” is a poor practice that discourages innovation. There are numerous problems with our patent system, not the least of which … Continue reading

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Is my blog infringing on anything?

There was a recent uproar about a session delivered recently. A company thinks that the session infringed on their intellectual property. The Midnight DBAs had a short write up here that summarizes, and expresses some amazement. I am sure that … Continue reading

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