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Separation of Duty

 In the Vietnam war we found people gathering data that had to support the analysis or decisions of the leaders. That’s a fundamental problem. Arguably this led to the extension of the war, and more lives lost, without more decisive … Continue reading

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This is Big Data

I’m sure some people have bigger data, but Facebook has some serious daily growth. The highlight? 500TB a day. A day. That’s serious data. I’ve never had a database that was a TB, must less growth by over a TB … Continue reading

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This editorial was originally published on August 22, 2006. My son asked me about physics the other day and what it meant. He’s been on a bit of a science kick, looking to understand and explain his world. I can … Continue reading

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Changing the Past

A few years ago my accountant caught a mistake in one of our tax returns. This was during the next year’s filing and so we had to amend to previous return, filing against almost two years later to correct an … Continue reading

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