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Republish: Release Wednesday

In the UK getting ready for SQL in the City, so Release Wednesday being republished.

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Shipping Database Changes–T-SQL Tuesday #90

This is a good T-SQL Tuesday topic from James Anderson: shipping database changes. It’s especially poignant for me since I talk and present often on this topic. Much of my work at Redgate involves helping people implement DevOps for Databases, … Continue reading

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Making VSTS Deployment Changes to Databases without Breaking Your Application

One of the things that I do a lot is demo changes to databases with CI/CD in a DevOps fashion. However, I also want to make some application changes to my sample app without breaking things. As a result, I’ve … Continue reading

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Upgrading VSTS Redgate Build Tasks

I’ve been putting it off, but in prepping for SQL Bits demos, I decided this was a good time to just upgrade my original build and release tasks on VSTS from v1 to v2 for the Redgate tasks. The first … Continue reading

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Staging Deployments

This editorial was originally published on Nov 30, 2011. It is being republished as Steve is out of the office. Software development can be a complicated dance. Most of us do not work for a software vendor and don’t have … Continue reading

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Watch the Manual DBA v Automated Deployment Challenge

At last year’s SQL in the City, I played the part of a manual DBA making changes and deploying those from development to test, staging, and production environments. Actually, I don’t think we went to production because I didn’t have … Continue reading

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What’s Your Smoke Test?

Many DBAs and operational staff regularly stress over software deployments to production systems. Even when the administrator has built and tested the deployment scripts, there is still a nagging fear that something will be missed, incurring downtime for systems. I … Continue reading

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Mission Critical Deployments

Talk about a lot of pressure to get a software deployment correct. A software install on an Airbus airplane resulted in a file containing parameters being wiped. This error caused (apparently) an airplane to crash when three engines cut off in … Continue reading

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Monitoring After Deployment

Deployments of database and application changes have tended to be stressful in my career. I’ve seen the actual deployment of changes fail, installation programs crash, the startup of an application error out, or the famous blue screen of death from … Continue reading

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State v Migrations

Most people work in evolutionary databases. By that I mean a database where you have some schema, and over time you are altering that schema. You might be adding columns to tables or views, changing stored procedure or function code, … Continue reading

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