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Rolling Back Migrations

I happen to be a fan of database migrations as a way of making and deploying database changes. This is an approach that tracks each of the scripts run by developers in their working environments and the replays these scripts … Continue reading

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Are Indexes Actually Changes to the System?

I haven’t thought about this in some time, but Brent Ozar raises an interesting question: should index changes require change control? I’ve worked in an organization that didn’t consider an index change to be an item that was presented as an … Continue reading

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Dark Reads During a Migration

I caught a post from the Slack Engineering team titled: Re-architecting Slack’s Workspace Preferences: How to Move to an EAV Model to Support Scalability. In the post, an engineering intern describes the move from a blob table (actually a table storing … Continue reading

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Republish: Release Wednesday

In the UK getting ready for SQL in the City, so Release Wednesday being republished.

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