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How Hard is Kubernetes?

We’ve run Kubernetes inside Redgate for some research projects (like Spawn) and we are building some skills running this orchestrator. At the same time, we’ve had no shortage of challenges in keeping the clusters up at times, patching, fixing issues, … Continue reading

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Containers, Kubernetes, and SQL Server

Abstract: Containers and Kubernetes have become buzzwords in the application development world, but how do these technologies fit with SQL Server? This session will discuss the basics of containers and Kubernetes and explain how we can use containers with databases … Continue reading

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The K8s Overview

I’ve written some posts on Kubernetes (K8s) as I think this will be an important technology in the next decade for database systems. Actually, it’s not that I think Kubernetes is that important, but rather that the orchestration of containers … Continue reading

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Actual Kubernetes

This post continues looking at my process of learning more about Kubernetes. I’ve been working through the 50 days of Kubernetes (K8s). I completed the first 3 sections (Days 1-15). This starts the look at Days 16-20 Disclosure: I actually … Continue reading

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