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New HA Licensing Benefits

Microsoft announced recently that they were changing the way licensing works for HA and DR situations. I think this is a great change, and the summary is: You can have up to 3 other un-used secondaries for free You can … Continue reading

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Would You Choose SQL Server?

I recently wrote a piece on the limitations of the Standard Edition (SE) of SQL Server and got an interesting comment from Brent Ozar. He asked me a question as a businessperson that I found intriguing and it’s one I thought might be … Continue reading

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The Standard Limitation

Is 64GB of RAM enough for a SQL Server instance? It was in the past for most servers that I’ve developed software on or administered. These days I know some people have 2TB of RAM in their big database servers, … Continue reading

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What’s a Passive Server?

Licensing software is often a more complicated process than I think it should be. Licensing database software seems to be even more difficult to understand, especially when you start to talk about the various high availability (HA) scenarios, virtualized  servers, … Continue reading

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