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Renting Features

The licensing, use, and ownership of software has been quite a contested topic for years. Many people have assumed they “own” the copy of Quicken or Halo that they bought, but modifying or even reselling the bits has been a … Continue reading

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Licensing Audit Advice

I’ve never been through  a licensing audit at work, but I have been worried about them a few times in my career. A few bosses have warned me about them possibly coming. While I’ve tried to ensure that the organizations … Continue reading

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True HA and DR

For many years, SQL Server administrators have tried to ensure their systems run smoothly by executing DBCC commands against their production databases. As workloads have grown, this has become an issue with resource contention with production users. Backups have had … Continue reading

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New HA Licensing Benefits

Microsoft announced recently that they were changing the way licensing works for HA and DR situations. I think this is a great change, and the summary is: You can have up to 3 other un-used secondaries for free You can … Continue reading

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