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Master Training

As a kid, growing up on Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and Saturday afternoon Kung Fu Theater, I always wanted to be a martial arts master. A few years later, being a Jedi Master caught my interest despite the fact that … Continue reading

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You Need Two SLAs for Disaster Recovery

Continuing on with my MCM prep, I was listening to the High Availability/DR prep module today and I was once again surprised by something. Typically I have heard all kinds of talk for SLAs, usually in terms of network traffic. … Continue reading

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Isolation Levels–MCM Prep

I was watching the Isolation Levels video for my MCM prep and learned something about the isolation levels. I knew there were four levels, but I hadn’t realized that SQL Server used the default of level 1, out of the … Continue reading

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Resource Governer–Memory Limits

I had looked at the Resource Governor early on when it was being developed and first released on SQL Server 2008, but I hadn’t spent a lot of time on it. It was the first cut at a throttle that … Continue reading

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