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T Minus Three Days to the MCM Test

I take the MCM test on Friday. I’ve been watching videos and reading white papers and blogs for the last few weeks and I know that I don’t necessarily know enough. To some extent I have an advantage since I … Continue reading

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Backups after a DR Restore – MCM

If you have a disaster, and you need to restore to some point in time prior to the last log backup you have, what’s the first thing you should do at this point in time? Make a full backup, of … Continue reading

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A Full Backup can Impact a Log Backup–MCM Prep

In the early days of SQL Server you could not run a log backup while a full backup was running. In fact,you tried to schedule them apart from each other early in my career to prevent collisions. Nothing bad happens, … Continue reading

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SQL Server Recovery–MCM Prep

I always have to think about what happens during the recovery process in SQL Server after a restore. I’ve always known the process as roll forward and roll back, which is how the items are noted in the SQL Serve … Continue reading

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