T Minus Three Days to the MCM Test

I take the MCM test on Friday. I’ve been watching videos and reading white papers and blogs for the last few weeks and I know that I don’t necessarily know enough. To some extent I have an advantage since I test well on multiple choice tests and I have a broad set of knowledge for SQL Server.

rockholesBut I don’t know enough. The more I study, the more it becomes painfully clear how much more there is to SQL Server that I don’t understand. Each day I learn something new, but I also learn that there are things I wasn’t aware of

Often, I find that things I just learned are things that friends already know. The thing that gives me some hope is that they will learn something and tell me, not realizing I already know about it.

We all have these uneven holes of knowledge, and just because we do, or don’t, know about feature X, doesn’t mean that we don’t know a lot about feature Y. We have un-evenly learned SQL Server since there isn’t a set path on which to learn.

So I’m nervous, just because it’s a measure of my skill, not because it matters to my career. It will give me a benchmark, and a place from which I can make a plan for how much more I want to learn about SQL Server, and in which areas to work.

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