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Moving Away From MySQL

I like SQL Server as a database. I think it’s very complete, solves most of my problems, and is easy to use in work. It costs money, but less than some others. It’s also more complete to me than some … Continue reading

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Use the Proper User for Azure MySQL DB

I wrote about migrating the MySQL database from a third party provide to Azure MySQL DB recently. This was due to the provider raising the price substantially for me to host the site. However, after migrating the data, I ran … Continue reading

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Migrating MySQL Databases

A little out of my area, but I need to move the tsqltuesday.com database to a new service. The company running the db decided that they don’t want to keep a lower level consumer type tier. Since their minimum plan … Continue reading

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The World of MySQL

I had two different people ping me on the same day with MySQL questions. One was a former co-worker, asking for some query help, and one was from the Boy Scouts of America, also asking for some query help for … Continue reading

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