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MSBuild and Azure SQL Database

I saw a report of a problem building a database with ReadyRoll in Azure SQL Database. This person wanted to use a local Shadow database in LocalDB and target an Azure SQL Database. I hadn’t build that config, so I … Continue reading

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VSTS–Changing the Default Build Queue

I wrote recently about the Release agent using the hosted queue as the default, which is sometimes a problem. The Build process has the same issue, though the way you change things is different. In a build, you see a … Continue reading

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VSTS– Hosted Agent is the Default for Releases

In keeping with the idea I don’t want this to get out of date, this is VSTS as of Jun 1, 2017. If your screen looks different, find a different article. I was setting up a test the other day … Continue reading

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Agent Phases in VSTS Deployment

VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) continues to grow and change over time. It seems every few months I see some new features and changes, which are good and bad. Good in that usually things improve. Bad in that I get … Continue reading

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