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Better Writing

Like it or not the majority of the ways we communicate in technology is through the typed word. Email, Twitter, Word, these are the methods by which we argue a point or ask a question. Our communication skills form impressions … Continue reading

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Double Checks

It’s not the discount double check, but I am a fan of processes that are built to check other processes. When I have a process that runs, or data quality that should be checked, or some other system where I can … Continue reading

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Publishing in the Future

A few interesting ideas and experiments in this piece on 21st century publishing. I especially like the part about most of the money in publishing going to pay for these advances that aren’t earned back. While publishers make a lot … Continue reading

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Better Writing from Hemingway

These are five rules for writing from Ernest Hemingway, which I like and recommend for use in your communications. Definitely try to incorporate them into your writing, especially being short and positive. (Cross posted from The Modern Resume)

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