Guidance for SQL Saturday Organizers

There’s just over a week until the SQL Saturday site goes dark and potentially we lose access to some data. While I don’t know when we will run a live SQL Saturday event again, I do know that the marketing is important.

With that in mind, I recommend the following for anyone that has run a SQL Saturday event.

  1. Ensure you have a local mailing list, either with your chapter or create one at MailChimp.
  2. Email the attendees from your last event (if you can) with the directions for signing up on your local list. Ask them to do this now.

I would do this 3-4 times across the next week. Most emails go unnoticed, and sending one final note will likely miss people, potentially many of them.

This might not matter, but the more preparation you can make for post 15 Jan, the better.

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