SQLSaturday Bequeathed to PASS

I guess you could look at this one of two ways. Either PASS acquired SQL Saturday, or we (Andy, Brian, and I) bequeathed it to PASS. The truth is it’s a bit of both. We were looking to get some help in keeping the SQLSaturday events going, while also freeing up the time required to make them happen.

This was mostly Andy’s baby, from start to finish, with support from Brian and I, so the credit really goes to Andy. He came up with the idea, did most of the work with various people around the country to get the events setup and running, and he attended more than anyone. I think most of the event organizers would agree that Andy’s mentoring was invaluable in getting the SQL Saturday franchises up and running.

This was a non-profit venture, which really didn’t make any money for the SQL Share (formerly End to End Training and JumpstartTV) company. It was a nice marketing move, it was great for the community, and I think a fantastic idea for keeping the SQL Server community vibrant. It was also a little bit of a time sink. That wasn’t great for something that wasn’t generating any revenue in this economy.

This is a perfect venture for PASS to be involved in. It fits their mission, and I’m looking forward to seeing even more events in the future under the PASS/SQL Saturday brand.

I had the privilege of going to 3 or 4 events over the last few years, and I’m looking to try to get to a few more this year. I’ll still be supporting the events, and speaking when I can.

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