Syndication Schedule Changes

We have a process that reads syndicated blogs from people and then publishes them here. It’s worked well, and allows people to have their own site, but get more exposure here. I actually use it, publishing a copy of my blog at Blogger and then having it read here. Gives me peace of mind to have a backup copy.

However this week I noticed an issue. A few times people have pinged me saying that they posted something and it didn’t appear that day. I hadn’t worried about it until the T-SQL Tuesday blog party. The rules for that party require that you get a post in on Tuesday, which for many people involves scheduling a post earlier.

So our process doesn’t pick it up on Monday (it’s scheduled) and while it probably comes in late Tuesday, it misses out on the blog party.

I submitted a ticket and asked for the way to run the process ad hoc. That way I could get my posts in and when people pinged me, I could just run it. However the Ops guys didn’t like that, so I got a response that they’d schedule it every 8 hours instead.

That works, and this post is a test to see if it actually works.

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