Q2 Goal Review

I have a monthly reminder, which is currently making me feel guilty. It’s there to tell me to review my goals, and I find myself lacking a bit.

My goals for 2010 on this site were:

  • Continue managing the forums, but at a reduced, 300 post a month level.
  • Blog 5 times a week, M-F, on at least 2 SQL Server technical topics a week.
  • Learn Reporting Services – at something better than an average level. Maybe not an expert, but work towards being able to use it and answer > 50% of the questions I see.
  • Attend one SQL Saturday – At least, though I think I’m slated to hit 2 in 2010 at least.
  • Write a book – I’ve had three topics in mind for awhile, but I haven’t moved forward well on this. I need to finish one in 2010.
  • Build 2 new presentations. I’ve given one of two presentations pretty regularly over the last few years, but I need to expand, and find some other things to talk about. Not that these aren’t still relevant and good presentations, but I need to try some new ones.
  • Take all my vacation in 2010 – I’ve been bad about this in the past, carrying some over, selling some back. With some good guest writers, there’s no reason for me not to get away from work more.
  • Travel to one new city for work – Likely this will be Vegas, but I ought to spread my time around the community.
  • My current review:

  • Continue managing the forums – On Target
  • Blog 5 times a week – For the most part on target, though I think I’m once a week on T-SQL/SQL Server
  • Learn Reporting Services – I wanted to do 100 hours on this, but I am woefully behind. Security issues on the laptop that keep cropping up are annoying.
  • Attend one SQL Saturday –  Completed. I’ve been to Charlotte and Pensacola. Baton Rouge, Denver, and Kansas City are scheduled, possibly another one.
  • Write a book – I have done some work here, but not enough. Not on target to finish in 2010.
  • Build 2 new presentations – Completed. I built two beginner presentations, one technical, one non. I am working on an auditing one.
  • Take all my vacation in 2010 – Working on this. I’m in Vegas on vacation as this goes out.
  • Travel to one new city for work – Completed. I did get to Charlotte, so that counts. Kansas City and Vegas are on the agenda as well.
  • Not bad, not great. The SSRS one and the book are bothering me, but I feel that I might have overextended myself on this. I am adding in one additional goal that I had promised to do this year.

    Volunteering for PASS – Completed. I worked on the spotlight and pre/post con committees.

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