A day of rest

Not quite a day of rest, likely some chores in advance of another busy weekend at the ranch.

I’m taking today off for a few reasons. Originally I had planned it as my kids were out of school and we had booked a trip to the Denver Mint. That’s exciting enough, and I was glad this was scheduled.

However as this week has grown closer, I’ve been stressed. Life is busy, one of the busiest times my wife and I have had in a long time with work, kids, various sports, scouts, etc. It’s a little overwhelming, and we still have a number of chores that we need to get done before winter. We’re also having a few people over this weekend, so I’m slightly worried about cleaning up as well.

So I need a day off.

I’ll be building some fence in the morning, and then taking the kids to the Mint, and perhaps a movie before the Friday night speaker’s dinner.

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