SQL Rally Pre-Cons

The SQL Rally pre-conference sessions were announced today, and congratulations to the winners. They are:

  • Business Intelligence WorkshopPatrick LeBlanc, Devin Knight, Mike Davis, & Adam Jorgensen
  • Query Performance Tuning, Start to FinishGrant Fritchey
  • Maximize Your SQL Server 2008 Coding SkillsPlamen Ratchev
  • Leadership and Team Management Skills for the Database ProfessionalKevin Kline

You can read more about each session here.

These are all great sessions, and no matter who was selected, there wasn’t a chance you’d see a bad session. Of these, I’d be likely to attend Grant’s session or the BI ones since I think those have the best chance for me to learn something that I could start to use quickly.

The voting was sent to all applicants and I was a little surprised by the results. I don’t know if I can disclose anything, so I won’t, but there was quite a disparity from first to second place in each category. I’m not sure if that’s due to much better marketing from the winners or if it reflects interest. I’d love to know more.

I’m slightly disappointed that I wasn’t selected, but I wasn’t sure how many people would really want to invest in a half day seminar for about $100 that would  help them find a new job. I’m sure their bosses wouldn’t. However the PD session from Kevin Kline is a good one, and I think it’s a better topic for many companies, who desperately need some leadership in the IT space.

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