Put Your Thinking Caps On

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What would you like for Christmas?

Hint, hint, a little visual imagery of the kind of prize that you just might win from Red Gate software next week. And just in time for Christmas!

To celebrate the release of SQL Monitor, Red Gate is letting me give away 10 iPads along with 10 licenses of SQL Monitor to 10 lucky winners. But it’s not just me, there are a few others that get to give away prizes as well. Anyone know this guy?

or these guys?

All three of us will be giving away 10 iPad/SQL Monitor combos next week. Each of us will be running a separate contest, with separate ideas, that will give you the chance to win an iPad. Keep an eye on the daily editorial for Steve’s contest, BrentOzar.com for Brent’s, and ScaryDBA.com for Grant’s.
You can only enter one contest, so don’t enter too quickly. Put some thought into your one and only chance for a Christmas iPad. The standard rules will apply (no family, employees, etc) and will be posted on each site Monday.
A few hints for you to think about: SQL Monitor (of course), life balance, traveling far away, and synergy.
Good luck!

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