The 2011 SQL Saturday Schedule is Filling Up

I have been trying to figure out where to go in 2011 for SQL Saturdays, especially as Red Gate is looking to have me do a few more demos and sessions at events. It seemed that there were relatively few events, and I’d already decided on these two:

I’ve never been to these cities, but I have a relative in one, and a number of friends in another. So I decided to skip Tampa (they have lots of speakers) and Houston (can’t travel two weekends in a row) and hit those.
So when I saw the announcement of SQL Saturday #71 from Grant Fritchey (Blog | @gfritchey), I thought “cool, another event.” Then I saw the date: Apr 2.
That’s the same day as SQLSaturday #63 in Dallas, and I’d already submitted a session as well as semi-committed to the organizers there. So it looks like I’ll miss Boston, which is a little disappointing. I like that city.
As I checked th schedule, I saw a few other conflicts as well. I have somewhat committed to Chicago (#67, Mar 26), which is right before Dallas. A busy time for me, and with Tech Ed and the Rally before that, I’m going to have to limit some travel. Right now I’m thinking to skip TechEd since it’s not the best show for me to go to anyway.
However Columbia is getting ready for another event on Mar 19 (SQL Saturday #70). If I went there, I’d be gone 3 weeks in a row, which is a lot. Actually it’s too much, both on the family and me, so I’ll have to miss Columbia again.
However it’s good for the community. Already there are:

  • Jan – 3 events
  • Feb – 4 events
  • Mar – 3 events
  • Apr – 3 events
  • Aug – 1 event

I’m sure more are coming, and I will really, really try to get to new cities next year and meet more of the SQLServerCentral community.

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