Rolling to SQL Saturday #60

I’m still stunned as I see numbers above 50 in the hash tags for SQL Saturdays. Yet here we are, #60 in Cleveland this weekend and I’m on the road this morning. Or in the air, catching a flight to Cleveland from Denver.

I’ve never really been to Ohio, only having driven through the state on my way to someplace else. Stopping for gas and coffee doesn’t count as a visit, so I’m looking forward to this. Allen White, a friend I’ve known for years, will be my host, along with a number of other SQL people I’m looking forward to seeing again, or meeting for the first time.

The event is sold out, which is a good thing. It shows interest in the free training and I hope this means that a few of you will help out and get another SQL Saturday in Cleveland sometime in the fall.

I don’t have any great plans of things to see, other than run with Allen on Sunday morning. If any SQL runners are out there, feel free to join us, and follow the #sqlsat60 tag on Twitter. I’ll post some info about where/when as I get it.

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