SQL Source Control Webinar

The 8th SQLServerCentral webinar, featuring SQL Source Control, is coming in a couple weeks. I’ll be hosting again, and this time my good friend, Andy Leonard, will talk about lifecycle management and source control as a part of that.

You can register here.

I believe in source control, mostly as a way of organizing the work of many different people and providing some insurance. It’s not often that I’ve rolled things back, mostly because I’m loathe to check things in that don’t work, but I have had to track down changes from older versions when a deployment didn’t go well, or someone quit and we weren’t sure what they had changed in code.

SQL Compare would help somewhat here, but it has been more convenient for me to use Source Control systems, primarily Visual SourceSafe in the past.

I haven’t seen this presentation from Andy, but I like hearing him talk, and I’ve been impressed with other talks he’s given in the past.

Don’t forget to register here for the webinar on Mar 24, 2011. It’s at 5pm GMT, which is a nice, not-too-early 10:00am MST for me.

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