Data Improves Lives

I’m not sure if this NYT article will get through, but I really liked “This Data Isn’t Dull. It Improves Lives“. It talks about how government data that’s around and using it to provide other services and enrich lives.

Even though I mostly believe the Libertarian philosophy, I disagree in places and one of those places is that I think government ought to do a certain about of work in research and providing services in a way that private companies won’t do it. One of those is producing a lot of data on the world. However since that data is being funded by our tax dollars, I’d like to see the data available for anyone to use as a part of their company. With everyone on an equal footing, we could see some amazing applications.

The app that shows the bus locations, schedules, and real time updates is cool. Very handy for people that need to use public transportation to move around the city. I know that there are times I would have loved to have had that in my life when I didn’t have a car. Heck, maybe apps like that will encourage more people to use public transport and have less cars on the road.

Data is truly becoming the World 3.0, at least in my mind, and I’d like to see more government data available, and then used by private companies.



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