Building a Professional Development Plan

Your personal business plan.

If you are waiting on your boss to tell you what to learn or what to do, you are making a mistake, they arent going to do it.

Would tou do an it project without writing anything down? Usually not, so why not do this for your care ultimately you need to take charge of your own career

Tis is more than technology ( networking, project management, managing, accounting, etc)

Has goals, milestones and tasks. Its written down. Loos at your total package.

Consider yourself a product.

Where you you want to be a year from now? Are you still excited about your career?

0-20 hours just work
21-50 slow growth, maintenance
51-100 growth, one skill
101-200 growth, multiple skills, change focus
200+ hyper growth

$250 basic
$1000 growth
$2500 leap frog
$5000 everyone envies you

Hard to write the check. Most people spend 0 if the employer doesn’t contribute

Beak up the time. Easy to take one class for the year, but that is all the time and money. Thi about the divisions. Both time and money. You have resource constraints, but think about the way you do this and live with the constraints or renegotiate the resource with yourself/your family

How do you learn best? Is it books, video, blog/article, seminars, hands on? Usually you will combine this together into some plan.

Why write? One of the main reasons is that people think they don’t have time, they don’t know what to write about, worried about embarrassing themselves.

If you write in a word document and saved it without showing anyone you are ahead of the game, you are helping yourself, teaching yourself, and building a better skill.

Treat your manager like a client. Imagine that your job is a one year contract and you need to win the bid for the next year. You want to win the bid, so you want to edge out others. Can you get the business by staying where you are? That is the mindset to develop a plan.

Change your mindset in building the plan. Consider yourself a business of one and approach your career with the attitude of taking control of your own career.

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