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The Backup Passwords

One of the things that my boss was excited to implement a few years back were passwords for our backups. Actually we were using a third party backup utility, like SQL Backup, for our SQL Server instances. We purchased the tool … Continue reading

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Greed Is Good (for IT)

I think that the lottery mentality that so many executives of companies have these days is bad for business. The idea that someone can be promoted from a director or vice president to CEO and then earn enough money in … Continue reading

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No Shrink-y Tempdb

I caught the end of a Twitter conversation the other day between Wes Brown (Blog | @WesBrownSQL), Paul Randal (blog | @PaulRandal), and Aaron Bertrand (blog | @aaronbertrand) talking about shrinking tempdb and the potential issues. I’ve never thought about … Continue reading

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