The Career Path

Which career path would you like?

Most people seem to wander through their careers, taking any job that comes their way. Others have a tight focus, often with a larger goal of ending up as the owner of a company or perhaps the CIO of one.

However for the technical person, someone that wants to remain employed for a long time, but doesn’t want to oversee others, there isn’t a clear path. So many DBAs, developers, and other people have no interest in moving into management, but they still would like to progress in some fashion to other jobs.

This Friday I wanted to ask what that progression might be like if you had no restrictions from HR and could design your own set of jobs:

What would you like your technical career path to look like?

I am wondering if you think there ought to be some way to advance to a senior person, maybe with multiple levels after your title. Perhaps some of you would like to move into an architect position or even be seen as some technical fellow after some amount of time.

Think about the way that a technical career might advance, without going into management, and let us know in which direction you wish you could move.

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