Networking for your career

The more I learn about building a better career, and the more I talk to people that get new jobs or have success in business, the more I believe that networking is one of the most important things you can do for your career. It just seems to work better, be more reliable, and more effective than any other career improvement strategy. Even blogging, which I think really helps, isn’t as effective as having someone that’s willing to recommend you.

I never really knew how to go about networking, but a few years ago I attended Don Gabor’s seminar at the PASS Summit and it was well worth my money. I learned a lot and have practiced some of his techniques since then. I’ve even purchased a few of his books, which contain even more information on how to better network and work with others.

If you’re attending the 2011 PASS Summit, you can see Don’s Networking to Build Business Contacts seminar on Tuesday, Oct 11, from 3-5pm. It doesn’t interfere with the other pre-cons, and if you’re going to be in town, take this seminar. You will learn some practical tips and exercises you can use to build more contacts, grow your network, and hopefully use it to advance your career at some point. Even if you don’t need a job, at some point you will and the time to build a network is before you need it. If you’ve already registered, call PASS to add this seminar to your registration, or do it on site.

Don has become a friend over the last few years, and was helpful in working on The Mentoring Experiment with me. I find him very insightful and experienced in the world of business and interpersonal interactions and a very interesting person. If you get the chance to sit and talk with Don, take it.

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