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The HR Scorecard

Are you looking for a BI project in your company to get some experience with? I’ve got an idea that you might try tackling as a side project, or even an informal project within the business. One of the problems … Continue reading

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It’s Your Career

It’s your career. It’s something you have to take ownership of and work on. I know that life is busy, and training budgets are tight. That’s one reason we started SQL Saturday; it’s a way to bring a training event … Continue reading

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The Cost of Architecture

I saw a note recently about the cost of decisions in programming made over time (thanks to BrentOzar, PLF). It’s an interesting look back at what decisions might have ended up costing computing a tremendous amount of pain and problems over time. It’s … Continue reading

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Which Versions of SQL Server Do You Have?

I have worked with every version of SQL Server since it was first available from Microsoft on OS/2. Each version has improved the features, the stability, and the scalability, and I’ve looked forward to each change. In many of the … Continue reading

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