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Data Darwinism

A few years ago my son asked me to buy him The Unincorporated Man. After he finished it, he gave it to me and we read all four books in the series, which we both enjoyed. The premise of this … Continue reading

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Data Journalism

The open data movement in goverment has produced some amazing data analysis from many sources. Many people are taking freely available data sets and producing a visualization, or an analysis of a problem, or even an application that is useful to the … Continue reading

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Learning about Driving with Big Data

This is nice, a year long safety pilot from the University of Michigan. Quite extensive, using 3,000 cars to gather data. I don’t know what they’ll get out of this, and if you read the comments, there’s all kinds of … Continue reading

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Marketing Data is Exploding

The last few years have seen the rise, and explosion, of social media. While fundamentally social media isn’t introducing much that’s different from actions in the real world, it is making the reach and speed at which we can communicate … Continue reading

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