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The PowerBI Volleyball Report – Organizing Data To Start

One of my goals this year was to build a report that I can present to kids and parents showing the skills progression of their kids. I have attempted a few times to put something together in Excel, but it … Continue reading

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DAX and Power BI Stairway Live

As part of the Redgate Community Circle, I’m going to be running a live class on DAX and Power BI, every Thursday, from 12MDT for about 30-45 minutes. We’ll see how things go. I’ve been wanting to learn DAX and … Continue reading

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Learning some DAX

I’ve not done much BI work in my career, other than simple aggregates in reports. I’ve wanted to tackle projects, but I’ve rarely had a chance to spend time in this area at work. Recently I had a bit of … Continue reading

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Data Science, BI, and Reports

Data science, along with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) fields, is often seen as the new direction in which we ought to move our analysis of all the bits and bytes that we collect and store in … Continue reading

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