Do You Want to be a DBA in Space?

Not the trip for me, but it might be for you. Enter today.

I had a chance to see a few of the DBA in Space videos before the contest was released and I shared them with my kids. My son’s first reaction was “can I go?” He couldn’t, but it did excite him a little to think about potentially going into space at some point in his life and he thought it was amazing that some average computer worker, like me, would get the chance. It’s an amazing contest and I’m still stunned that my employer, Red Gate Software, is offering it to anyone that works with databases.

And that’s interesting. Developers, administrators, if you’re administering databases in any way, you’ve got a chance to enter the contest. You can get started now by signing up and going through all the videos, answering the questions as you go. The contest ends Friday, November 18, 2011, so there are a few days left to follow Brad McGehee on his space alien adventure and have fun with a few silly questions.

I, however, wouldn’t go to space. I don’t like flying, and I’m not thrilled with heights, and it wouldn’t be my choice for a prize. I do know many people that love science fiction, the space program, and would be thrilled to go. If I could win (I’m not eligible), I’d take the cash alternative, $102,000, and probably take the trip of a lifetime. Maybe take the family and ski in Switzerland, maybe fly to Australia and enjoy surfing and diving down under with the kids, but definitely fly first class everywhere.

Let your mind wander, ask your friends and family where they’re like to go? Would they have the adventure of a lifetime with you or would they think about sending you up in a rocket, as many of the Slashdotters want to do. It could be your choice, but only if you enter the contest this week.

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