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Feedback and Big Data

How do we improve the way we do things? We measure them, observe, make a change based on our observation, measure again, and then repeat, looking to make our process, product, or idea better over time. We design our software … Continue reading

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T-SQL Tuesday #027 – Invitation to The Big Data Valentine’s Edition

It’s T-SQL Tuesday time again, and I’m honored to be able to host the party for February 2012. This is my second time hosting, with the first being #013. T-SQL Tuesday is the brainchild of Adam Machanic, who hosted the … Continue reading

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Computed Columns and Divide by Zero

Edit: This was a poor example of using the divide by zero handling. I was trying to alter something I’d done in the past and this didn’t work well. I will rewrite this soon with a better example. I have … Continue reading

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T-SQL Tuesday Topics – Febuary 2012

Updated again. I was looking for a static list of all the T-SQL Tuesday topics and couldn’t find one. The domain moves around to the current hosting blog, so when it was my turn to host it, I made a … Continue reading

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