A Break from Databases

What do you recommend from Oscar season? I'll say The Descendents

Last weekend I was all alone Sunday night. Monday was a holiday for me, my wife and kids were out of town, and it was too quiet in the house, so I decided to go see a movie. Safe House was my choice, and it was one I enjoyed during a two hour break from life. I don’t go see too many movies a year, outside of the kid-related ones, but this was fun.

This Sunday the 84th Annual Academy Awards take place, and while I won’t be watching them, it’s always interesting to me to see which movies and people win awards. A winning actor or actress might entice me to go see a future movie that ordinarily wouldn’t capture my interest. It’s always nice to see talented people working their craft, at least to me.

We tend to work hard in Information Technology, and it’s nice to get a break. With that in mind, I thought we might take a break this Friday from talking about work, and talk about leisure. The poll this week is:

Which movies from the 2011/2012 Oscar season would you recommend?

These don’t have to be movies that are up for awards, just anything released from last February until now. What did you like, or what would you recommend the rest of us avoid? Let us know this Friday which films might provide a nice escape from the pressures and stress of reality.

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  1. Johan Bijnens says:

    Bullhead, of course ! Not only because it is a Belgian movie, but it is a very good one too. 🙂



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