Unstructured Data in SQL Server


More and more of our data does not fit neatly into a structured, relational model of rows and columns of data. In this session, you will learn about how SQL Server stores unstructured data, with a special emphasis on how to use Filestream, which integrates SQL Server with the NTFS file system by storing varbinary(max) binary large object data as files stored within the file system. You will also learn about the new SQL Server 2012 filetable feature, which builds on Filestream and provides the ability to read, write, and update Filestream objects directly through the file system. This session is designed for DBAs and developers who need to learn how to manage large quantities of unstructured data.

This covers SQL Server 2008, R2, and 2012. The basic Agenda:

  • What is unstructured data
  • Filestream
  • FileTable

There are demos that look at how Filestream works and how FileTable can be used in SQL Server 2012.

Level: 200

Length: 60 Minutes

Demo code: UnstructuredData.zip

Slides: UnstructuredData.ppt

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    Thanks for the very good info
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